Get to know me better (version for the patient).
 For the past few years I have been living on a tiny island in the Atlantic Ocean, which is called La Gomera.
The island is charming, I would even say magical, just like the whole Canary Islands archipelago, called the Islands of Happiness in ancient times and supposedly belonging to the mythical Atlantis even earlier.
 There is a forest on la Gomera, or rather F O R E S T. One of the oldest ecosystems on the planet.
The vegetation that once covered the whole of Europe has survived here, unchanged since the Tertiary, as the glaciers did not reach it.
Imagine that for almost two million years this forest has been going on!
      A forest with ferns that look like they came from the time of the dinosaurs, dandelion, that can sometimes reach 3m in height and heather, which are trees that can grow up to 10m.
      It was this FOREST that called me, although I had never seen it before.
And I heard it and I followed it, or rather I flew (with two changes of planes, as not all airlines like to have quadrupeds on board).
Together with my younger son and my most faithful friend Sonia
(the most wonderful among the Maltese!).
       And so, although for almost thirty years I have been dealing mainly with massage Lomi Lomi Nui massage (nota bene it's a Hawaiian Art, from the territory of mythical Lemuria), as well as widely understood personal development, it is clearly now drifting towards the Ocean of Tranquility (not to be confused with the Pacific Ocean!) and Harmony, which probably is easier to find in a place where Mother Nature for millions of years reigns undivided and even with some kind of stoic, one can say, Peace.

My love for Massage began quite early.
I was less than 18 years old when I found myself on my first course of digitopuncture (that's another name for acupressure), and then it went on:
Physiotherapy, but with a strong decision to act in the field of unconventional medicine (however, with the impetus, right after school, I worked for several years in a children's hospital), numerous courses of various massages, until in 1992 I met my greatest massage love - LOMI LOMI NUI.
And although along the way I continued to learn other techniques, such as Thai massage, shiatsu, or anthroposophical massage by Dr. Pressel, but Lomi Lomi has always been and is for me, personally, the most beautiful.
That is why it has to be shared - since 1999 I have been sharing all my knowledge and skills on intimate courses and workshops.

     The journey with therapy began almost as long ago as massage therapy.
It is impossible to work with people, with the body, and not notice the extraordinary processes they go through. I spontaneously became a therapist for the Soul, and then it was just a matter of trying to learn more about the mechanisms that govern this area.
        The culmination of my studies was Subcellular Psychobiology and Peak States of Consciousness.

   I have always been an artist. In my own way. The need for beauty and Harmony and a particular sensitivity to colors have accompanied me since childhood. My artistic soul and therapeutic soul meet in neurography.
Love for stones, both precious and gray, ordinary, any! I just have in my blood.
      From here it's just a step to jewelry, but such a personal, tailored to the individual energy of a person, which I call an individual, personal mandala.

I am also a mom of two, now grown, wonderful people (my greatest Teachers and best friends).

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  I am a physiotherapist by profession.
However, most of my professional life is associated with alternative medicine and personal development.
  I have been practicing Lomi Lomi Nui massage for 29 years.
  Along the way I have met countless teachers from all therapies, healing, shamanism and the arts.
  For more than 25 years I have been conducting development workshops, mainly based on Huna, Hawaiian concept of life, but also on the latest advances in quantum physics and nanopsychology.
Sometimes only for women, more often for everyone.
  7 years ago I decided to live on the small island of La Gomera.



+34 602 825 346