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Personal mandalas are designs created only for individual orders.

The project is based on information obtained during meditation and is a picture of someones Essence energy essence.

Stones that exude their unique qualities, having different vibrations, are selected so that together they create a reflection of the energy resources of the person with whom he was born.

The idea that guides me in this is that such an "object" emanates our own Essence and in moments when we are out of balance, in a sense "reminded us" of who we are, holding an unchanging field of energy.

Copper jewelry is an expression of my delight, both for stones and the desire to display them, but also for copper in itself.

As a metal, an element, we need it for the proper functioning of the body, as evidenced by modern scientific research, but copper has been known for thousands of years and has also been used to make protective amulets and talismans.

amber in copper  30€



 lava in copper with an agate bead

fire agate in copper in a copper frame, left one, 25€



lava in copper



agate bead in a solar shape frame( left one) 20€



rose quartz pendant and earings set, 35€



avocado seed with a shell and copper

avocado carving in copper, 15€



mandala with hematite beads, 30€



mandala with hematite beads, 30€



shungit in copper



african turquoise  in copper



fire agate in copper, pendant medium 25€



agate bead in a sun-shape, copper frame 20€



turquoise in copper, pendant and earings set, 35€



jade mirracle



mandala with labradorite in copper, priceless :)



moonstone in copper



a shell in avocado seed in copper 

Mandalas can be ordered by email or phone.

Waiting time 3-6 weeks.

Products / designs from the site are sent by post.




+34 602 825 346