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This workshop aims to remind you what it means and how it is when you are a whole.

When the Body, Mind and Soul are in harmony and cooperate with each other.

By using Hawaiian shamanic techniques, balancing TAO techniques and the knowledge of the latest achievements of nanopsychology, we will find Harmony, Joy and Peace. We will get tools that will always serve us.


We will learn the art of relaxation and rest and we will learn again the possibilities of all our senses:

Taste and smell - we will celebrate the meals of excellent vegetarian cuisine and learn its secrets by participating in the preparation of these

Touch - we will learn some secrets of the art of massage and self-massage

Hearing - we will use sound to cleanse and revitalize our body

Sight - we will fill our eyes with views of beautiful nature and experience BEAUTY as a state of mind.


we will get to know the mechanisms that govern our perception of reality, and thus the way we make decisions.

We will also learn how the sixth sense works and learn to use it every day. We will develop our intuition.


An important element of our Balance is contact with Nature and Nature and the feeling that we are an integral part of it. There is plenty of wildlife in pure form on Gomera.

The island impresses with a variety of landscapes, from desert coasts (happily with beaches and the ocean!) To forested, lush green areas of the island's interior.

The full image of a healthy person also includes the launch of his creative resources, the world's main driving energy. Therefore, this element, like the Completeness of the Whole, cannot be missing.

With a choice of several areas, everyone will find their own creative atmosphere: painting with acrylics or watercolors, painting stones, carving avocado seeds, or creating copper jewelry.

Workshops take place in La Gomera, Canary Islands.

800 € - Week of stay, in small groups up to 10 people,

food and transport around the island.

The price does not include travel costs - plane to Tenerife plus ferry to Gomera.


online therapy sessions of subcellular psychobiology system derived from Peak States of Consciousness.

- trips to obvious and non-obvious places (interesting places of the Force, for example),with the possibility of meditation in Nature.

- Lomi Lomi massage

- working with the body (yoga, pilates, Tao exercises, 5 Tibetan rituals, streching meridians)

-detox nutrition (proposal of a cleansing diet tailored to individual needs)

- therapeutic session, if needed


- for people who intend to disconnect from the world and regenerate strength, both mental and physical

- for couples who want to strengthen their relationship in a romantic setting

- for entire families who care about their relationships and healthy relationships

The cost depends on the type of apartment chosen, length of stay and number of people.

Details determined by email.

More information about the system

www.peakstates.com - English version www.peakstates.pl - Polish version

Result fee, according to ISPS rules.

It is an offer for those who do not like organized all inclusive tourism, and at the same time do not have the fishing line or time to organize great expeditions.

So something in between.

In addition to accommodation (several apartments to choose from in different parts of Gomera), the holiday program includes:



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